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A WordPress theme is a collection of files that define the appearance and functionality of a WordPress website. The theme controls the layout, colors, fonts, and other design elements, as well as the way that content is displayed and interacted with. We have been working with WordPress and thousands of WP Plug-ins since 2002.

If you have an existing WordPress website, we can work with your current theme to make customizations and improvements. Alternatively, if the site is old and you are having trouble with plugins or technical issues, we can create a new theme from scratch, employ plugins or add custom code to give your website a new, unique and professional look.

Popular WP Theme Development

Using a popular WordPress theme can be a cost-effective way to build your website. There are many pre-designed themes available that can be customized to your needs. Some require a knowledge of code (that's our skill set) and some don't. Gone are the days when themed sites all look the same. Some themes can be rendered in thousands of different ways. If you require a very unique custom design, building a theme from scratch is another option.

Our team has experience with most of the popular WordPress themes (e.g. Divi, Astra and Avada) which we can further customize to your exact requirements. We also have the skills and expertise to build themes from the ground up.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your existing theme or building a new one.

WP Theme Identification

popular wordpress themes

Renamed Themes

Many web agencies use US$50 off-the-shelf themes without letting you know. Some will even change the theme's name, claiming it as their own.

It's normal to re-use code, but this needs to be done poroperly by using "child themes". Keeping the main theme updated (most themes come with a lifetime of updates) should not affect modifications made in a child theme, although sometimes that is the case and can cause issues.

Duplicate Code upon Code

Other agencies employ random programmers (often overseas) to overwrite your theme's functionality because it's easier to do that than learn how the original theme (e.g. Avada) works. We always see sites with code written on top of code (e.g. a site that uses 3 page-builder plugins instead of just one). This slows a site down which is a big problem in SEO.

Web development is a fluid marketplace and employees rarely stay put compared to those in other industries. So web agencies often outsource or hire new programmers to overwrite theme code. All of this will grind a site down and your site needs to be fast or you will lose your place in organic search results.

We fix all of this stuff every day. In fact, a good 10% of our work is trying to clear up the mess programmers have made on WordPress websites. In many cases, it's best to start anew.

WordPress Website Health

If your WodPress website hasn't been updated in a while, you may be experiencing technical difficulties. This will be due to poor site health. Our website maintenance plans ensure that this sort of thing never happens. But if it has happened, we should be able to fix it.

We can identify the theme used to build your website and get you back on the upgrade curve if that's what's needed.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your existing theme or if your site is too far down the rabbit hole of over-development (i.e. too many cook in the kitchen), we can show you how to get back out.

Custom-built Wordpress

Fully Customised (or partially customised) WordPress Themes

One of WordPress' strengths is the ability to create custom themes with unique functionality. When we build a custom theme, we first need to identify the specific needs and goals of the website, and then design the theme - one which aligns with those objectives.

We can build a theme from scratch or we can modify an existing, off-the-shelf theme. Usually the timeframe is about the same. The following steps are how we approach this one...

1. Plan and Design the Theme

Before diving into coding, it's important to plan and design the theme on paper or using design software (we use Photoshop & Illustrator). This helps in visualizing the final product and outlining the different features and functionalities to include. The design should be in line with the website's goals and intended audience.

2. Choose the Right Tools

The next step is to choose the right tools for the job. There are many page builders, plugins, and frameworks available to help create a custom WordPress theme. Some popular options include Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Bootstrap.

We sometimes use light CSS frameworks, but people usually prefer shiny, modern websites that look the part.

3. Customize the Layout

Once the design is complete and the tools have been chosen, it's time to customize the layout. This involves creating templates for different pages, such as the home page, blog page, and contact page. The templates can be customized using the chosen page builder or framework to create the desired layout and functionality.

4. Add Custom Functionality

Custom functionality can be added using various methods such as shortcodes, widgets, and custom post types. For example, if the website needs a custom form, a plugin like Gravity Forms can be used to create the form and embed it into the theme using a shortcode.

5. Test and Debug

Once the theme has been built, it's important to thoroughly test and debug it. This involves checking the website's performance, security, and compatibility across different browsers and devices. Any bugs or issues should be addressed promptly to ensure a smooth user experience.

In conclusion, building a WordPress theme with customized functionality requires careful planning, the right tools, and a focus on the website's objectives and audience. With these steps in mind, we can build you a custom theme to meets the specific needs of the website and your customers, while enhanceing functionality and performance.

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