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Hand-coded or WordPress websites

Beautiful Web Design

We have designed thousands of WordPress and hand-coded websites.

Because we're small, we can move quickly. We are right up-to-date with the latest tech to ensure clients' websites are fast, responsive, and secure.

When the average time spent on a website is 52 seconds (see Klipfolio Stats) - you need to leave a positive and lasting impression.

Type of Website Cost * Hosting & Maintenance
Basic Blog
(WordPress ** up to 10pp)
$2,495 (+GST) $50/mo or $449pa (+GST)
CSS/Js/HTML etc. up to 10pp
$3,495 (+GST) $35/mo or $349pa (+GST)
Very Small Business
(WordPress up to 5pp)
$3,695 (+GST) $55/mo or $549pa (+GST)
Small Business
(WordPress up to 20pp)
$4,495 (+GST) $55/mo or $549pa (+GST)
$5,595 (+GST) $60/mo or $649pa (+GST)

* Cost is usally 40% deposit (set-up), 30% on completion, 30% on upload, but we offer monthly plans to suit
** WordPress is a Content Management System where you log in and can easily add pages.

Hand-coded Websites

Hand-coded websites are faster and perfect for SEO site speed (a factor determining Google's page quality score) but each page is created individually. HTML template pages can be made with new content poured into them. You just have to know how to "swim between the tags" (i.e. "what you're doing").

Many people are choosing hand-built sites. I charge the same for general updates. See our website development page for prices including a list of what can be done in an hour ($99).

WordPress Websites

WordPress is my favourite CMS (content management system). It extends my abilities as there is a community of designers releasing themes and creating thousands of tricky plugins so that you can do whatever you want on your site. It's very heavy though and sometimes the number of plugins and animated bells and whistles can weigh your site down.

Our websites get found

In addition to website design, we offer a range of other website services including ongoing website development, Search Engine Optimisation, and website maintenance to help you get found and get the most out of your online presence. In fact most of our time these days is spent creating and revising content under the banner of Search Engine Optimisation.

If you get us to build your site, we will add basic SEO to the value of $450

Gone are the days where you build a site and it automatically starts attracting visitors. You need to constantly work on a website. If you don't upgrade, tweak and update your website with fresh content yourself, you can guarantee that your competition is. You can do a lot of this work personally, but most likely, you will need help.

(A$ incl.GST) Updates & Coding
Updates (content/HTML/CSS etc.) $99/hr We can do a lot in 1hr *
Google Ad Management $110 weekly managed campaigns (incl. GST)

Most of what we do here at Geoffrey has to do with increasing website traffic. Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) has become our bread and butter. It means optimising the code and conent on your site to make it super easy for search engines to find and then list your website on a search result page (SERP).

    In 1 hour we can...
  • Do good SEO on one page of your site
  • Embed, tag and SEO optimise 5 to 7 images
  • Add an image and 700 words to your site
  • Add 2 images and 400 words to your site

Our clients love us

"After being with a well known Perth Company for some time, we got fed up with paying ridiculous fees and not getting results. We found Geoffrey Websites by scrolling through Google and reached out to them. After our initial consultation everything just fell into place. Edwin has helped us build an incredible market place website that just keeps scaling. He is extremely knowledgeable, great to work with, explains everything in plain language (not computer language) and has helped our website reach remarkable levels and results in a short time. We would highly recommend Edwin & his team and can’t thank Geoffrey Websites enough for what we have achieved."
google five star review
Mark's 5-star Google Review
for Home N Culture (

Contact us today (use the form top left) to learn more about how we can help you create a beautiful and financially lucrative website.

Website Design & Ongoing Development

We build beautiful websites that turn your traffic into customers

We create user-friendly websites that not only look great, but also get found in search. A beautiful design is just the starting point. Our main goal is to convert website visitors into paying customers. We're qualified technicians. You won't find any unnecessary fluff or hidden costs with us, just great value, a wonderful web building experience and efficient results.

website design perth electric bikes
Perth Electric Bicycles

These guys sell ebikes and convert normal bikes to electric. An ecommerce site where you can buy batteries and order parts needed for your own conversion project. Smartly priced outlet with some specific product customisation when it comes to conversion kits. (new window)

website design, and seo for a doctor's surgery
Vitalia Health Care

A family medical centre based in Parkwood, but also catering for Riverton and Willetton. Multicultural doctors who speak various languages. The key here is to keep traffic moving in an upward direction. One of the most popular pages on site's like this is the booking page. (new window)

ecommerce website with over 11,000 products
Home N Culture

The Home n Culture website boasts over 11,000 products. It's a Shopify website, and a bit like Amazon in that you can find almost anything on there. This also means it has to comepete wiht Catch of the Day, Amazon and Big W websites. And that means your marketing can't miss a beat. (new window)

New Website Designs

10 Steps to an Effective Website Design

Our 10 step web design process (see below) starts with a consultation. We need to understand your business goals and needs so we can create a custom website design that reflects your brand and values. You don't pay a cent until you like what we show you. This ensures that our website design and marketing ideas are in alignment with yours.

  • 1. Needs Analysis
    The client meets with a professional web developer and SEO expert to discuss their website requirements. This initial consultation is free of charge and can be conducted in person, via email, Zoom, or on the phone.
  • 2. Home Page Mockup
    Based on your brief, a mockup of your potential home page is created and sent via email. You can provide feedback on the design, including constructive criticism and we make those changes. Upon approval of this design, you then pays a deposit (40% of budget) which allows us to purchase what we need to get your site built (and found). This is just a draft. Nothing is set in stopne. It's mainly to see if we're on the same page and that we can work together.
  • 3. Content Analysis
    The client provides all the content they want included on the website, including images, videos, audio, text, and a list of proposed site structure. This helps the designer understand the client's desired functionality, feel, and imagery for the website.
  • 4. Proposal and deposit invoice
    The designer sends a proposal explaining the work to be done and an itemized list of prices for additional services discussed. A deposit invoice is also provided. Payment is typically made in three installments: 40% up front, 30% when the designer is satisfied with the work, and 30% when the client is satisfied.
  • 5. Server access
    The designer may need access to the client's CMS admin or hosting server to install and set up necessary software, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.
  • 6. Website development
    The website is built and tested.
  • 7. Review and approval
    The client reviews and approves the website.
  • 8. Final payment
    The final payment is made upon the client's approval of the website.
  • 9. Launch
    The website is launched and made live.
  • 10. Maintenance
    The website is maintained and updated as needed.

Old Websites (>2yrs)

Two years is along time on the web. Similar to dog years, each year is like 7. New techniques, coding frameworks and Search Engine Goalposts keep moving all the time. You really need to be on top of all this to get ahead.

We can upgrade or add content to any website, no matter when it was built.

Having said that, it is often cheaper to rebuild a new website using the latest code and CSS frameworks. You can bring old content up to date with new content rewriting tools such as ChatGPT (AI).

sometimes it's best to rebuild an older website

We have recently been using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to rewrite content for clients and the (measurable) traffic and new client engagement results are astounding.

"We have used Geoffrey Websites for updates, security and maintenance on the Monford Group Company website. Edwin is reliable, creative and always makes really good suggestions. Would highly recommend him to others."
google five star review
Gemma's 5-star Google Review
for Monford Group (

website design for perth strata company
Strata Elite - Perth Property Managers

This website was built for Elizna Pelzer, who runs an award-winning strata management company. The site is built using WordPress. It has a relatively small number of pages, between 5 and 8 pages in total. The client migrated from Wix over to WordPress which has more options. (new window)

website design and seo for a perth roof restoration company
Climate Roof Restorations

With a combination of weekly SEO and a restrained Google Ads with custom landing pages, we were able to get leads for a fraction of the (previous) cost. Eventually CRR will rely less on paid traffic to organic traffic. Their $99 weekly SEO plan will ensures this over time. (new window)

website development for melbourne government think tank and scientific advisory
ACOLA - Government Advisory

The Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) is a government-affiliated think tank that provides guidance on emerging technologies. They need to efficiently manage and organize hundreds of academic reports and press releases as they are published. (new window)

website design, seo and general web development

Who We Are

Geoffrey is a business owned and run by Edwin James Lynch, who holds a degree in Communication and a diploma in Multimedia. In the past, Edwin taught web design, development, and online marketing at various universities in Western Australia. He collaborates with copywriters, programmers, and other specialists, but likes to work independently.

ABN: 50 277 372 669

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