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What’s that? I thought every page on my site was a landing page.

The term "landing pages" in Google Analytics refers to the page users saw first on your website. In pay-per-click Google Ads, landing page refers to the page users land on when they click your Google ad.

Most people link to their home page from ads, but it’s not the best thing to do. The below recording was made in March last year but is still relevant for 2023.

What is a landing page?

We asked Chat GPT. Here's its take...

A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purpose of a marketing or advertising campaign. It is designed to direct the visitor to take a specific action, such as filling out a form, making a purchase, or downloading a resource. Landing pages are an important part of online marketing, as they provide a focused, relevant experience for the user and can help to increase conversions by presenting a clear call to action. Landing pages are often linked to from an advertisement or other marketing materials and are designed to be consistent with the ad or promotion that leads to them.

Thanks for that Chat GPT. Still working on that humanise function, I see.

A PPC Google Ad landing page will save money

A higher ad quality score means lower click price

I charge $450 (inc. GST) to build one Google Ad campaign’s landing page (or $1,000 for 3 campaigns). I match ad copy with words on the page, remove all navigation and other distractions and add a form, a nice picture of what it is you are selling and a phone number. I also add “trust” factors such as; good design, easy to use, testimonials, awards, transparent copy and maybe a video of your work if you have one. I even explain things like “This is an audio file. Click play to listen to the CEO speak about her product” – to really make things clear.

Clarity helps in sales.

Spend time getting landing pages right

I have a client who I accidentally poached from another Online Marketing company. To be frank, I couldn't believe what he was spending. I kept asking, "How much?"

I just happened to be doing some physical advertising for them (long story) and asked about their website. They were paying $2,500+ on ads per week. They were getting 3-6 leads. It seemed like an awful lot of money. I said –

Tell you what. You give me $250 and the $1,000 to Google every week and if I get more leads after one month, let me run your Google ads.

They defected to Geoffrey.

Double your leads for half the cost

Multiple tweaks made to the client's home page

I pointed ads to their home page – but had to alter it slightly. I did things like make their phone number bigger and I added a very attractive contact form. They were paying up to $25 for a click, which is far too much. The previous marketing company had set everything to automatic (very dangerous) and their budget was being eaten up by their number one position in search.

Pay-per-click Ad Management

PPC Ad Management is the ongoing, daily routine of throwing out negative keywords (irrelevant terms which are triggering ads – e.g. “fence painting” when you only paint ceilings), adding new key phrases (e.g. “ceiling painter”, “painter and decorator”) and tweaking the landing page to match that week’s most successful searches.

Being Number 1 is expensive

It doesn't translate to sales

I pointed all ads to the home page – - as that's how the previous mob had set it. It's not what I would do normally. I didn't want to ask a new client if I could also build a landing page. So I had to alter their site slightly. I added key search phrases to the home page content, plus I did superficial things like make their phone number bigger. I also added a very attractive contact form.

When I looked, they were paying up to $25 for a click. The previous marketing company had set everything to automatic (very dangerous) and their budget was being eaten up by the horrendous click price.

I got prices down to under $4 for most clicks - that's still quite high but their industry is very competitive. Even after 6 months, I couldn’t convince these guys to pay for a product-focused landing page. I had big plans, but they still wouldn't budge. So my hands were tied. They were still paying too much for ads - but they were getting heaps of work.

After one year, they agreed to my prodding and I built a really good landing page – tweaked endlessly for both mobile and desktop. Pay-per-click costs came down by half and they were getting up to 15 leads per week!

The company has since down-sized and now pays about $500 per week in total - for the same number of leads they were paying $2500 for.

In short, I saved them a lot, but it meant agreeing to have ads appear in top 3 and also bottom three positions on a search engine result page. Even though they were getting three times more leads for 20% of what they were paying before, I still think they liked being in the number one position.

The moral of this story?

Being first in search doesn't guarantee sales. It's Google appealing to your ego. Who wants pole position in the Grand Prix of emptying your wallet?

Ok. I hope you got something out of all that. Here's my offer...

Let me check your campaign - for FREE.

If you are interested, you might like me to look over your existing Ad campaign. No obligation to buy anything. Literally no money. No credit card. I won't even email you later or follow up call you. I sincerely want to help you and feel like a lot of people are wasting an awful lot of money on the web.

If you take my advice and use it yourself, I've done my job as a philanthropist and I'll be one step closer to heaven. ;)

Of course, if you want to hire me, I'll make you millions. When I look over people’s campaigns, I can always help.

Use the form above to contact me or call me (Edwin) on 0417 0417 43.

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